10 Days Later: Part 1

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14 September 2021

Every child is different, I know, but I never thought I'd be dealing with any of this. The most I've ever dealt with was postpartum depression & this isn't that, not even close. In this blog post I begin to take you through my postpartum journey with my third child. I'm not sure why each time I have a child I seem to get worse but I do. The reward of being able to carry then see my child is great. However, the changes my body later experiences is absolutely terrifying.

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KhyYe · 15 September 2021

Thank you, I’m hoping I can help a lot of moms with this post and more to come.

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Angel · 15 September 2021

Wow what an incredibly honest blog post! I’m sure this will be relatable to a lot of new moms out there x

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