7 Tips For An Organised Mind

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21 August 2021

When it comes to work, I’m always super organised. I work as a receptionist in a youth club and always bring in my own notebook to write pretty much everything down. My colleagues find it funny, but it’s come in handy when we all forget any passwords or other important notes😂 I have terrible memory, so if I didn’t write things down I would never get anything done or remember to pass on messages to the right people😂

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Hey there - my name is Cerys and I create content about "the lazy girls' guide to self-acceptance, self-care & empowerment".


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Angel · 22 August 2021

I feel like I needed a blog like this! In the bookshelf for safe keeping😂

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khaamisablog · 21 August 2021

Saving this to my bookshelf for future reference! Ive been looking for ways to organize my life lol.

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