A Practical Guide: The Importance of Dressing for Who and What you Endeavour To Be

Beauty Lifestyle
22 August 2021

This post is an instalment in my wardrobe curation series! I chat about culling pieces that aren't right for you anymore and building a wardrobe that represents your lifestyle, personality and interests. I talk about dressing for your body shape and what to let go of.

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Hello lovelies, I’m Maryam! A minimalist, intersectional feminist and creatively driven teen from sunny Sydney. I’m a lifestyle, wellness, travel and fashion blogger currently undertaking undergraduate studies at Billy Blue College to get my Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration. I’m a self proclaimed iced coffee fanatic and avid fan of indie music, chai lattes, rocky road, cherry blossoms and bohemian styling. On and off, I pursue work in the social media field as an influencer, partnering with clean beauty, jewellery, home decor brands and the like to bring you my top picks.


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