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20 August 2021

If you don't know, BlogR is my internet baby! This blog post tells you about where the idea for it came from and my journey with it so far x

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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where the different elements of my life all come together to co-exist. I don’t have an overall goal with this blog, so you’ll find a little bit of everything here. From my personal life, business life to uni shenanigans. I’ll be sharing my journey along the way to figuring out this whole ‘adulting’ malarky. ✨Founder of BlogR ✨


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EllieMaySibley · 02 October 2021

Loving the platform so far!! So interesting to read about some of the process behind it!

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BeautywithBoo · 30 September 2021

I love an origin story! Just goes to show that with a good idea and a lot of dedication you can create something spectacular!

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MusingsOfAWhimsicalSoul · 29 August 2021

Loving this platform so much already, super excited to see where it goes xx

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TheFunkyEclectic · 27 August 2021

I love this platform so far and am super excited to see where this goes!! Thank you for this. 💖

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khaamisablog · 20 August 2021

Loving this platform already, excited for its launch!

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Miles · 20 August 2021

So excited to see where BlogR goes!

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