Am I A Bad Parent?

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24 September 2021

Parenting is one of many very sensitive topics for me. I always find that I’m judged by parents who swear they did no wrong & “the best they could” by their children when it’s really the complete opposite. I know this b/c I know their children so I know how they were affected & how the way they grew up now affects their parenting &/or relationships in general. In this post I talk about how my decision making has had me questioning if I’m a bad parent or not. Some of that feeling also comes from the opinions of others on how I choose to parent. I’ve been a mother for five years now & it honestly hasn’t gotten any easier for me. I’m ALWAYS going to be learning who each of my children are, what they need, how to tend to them & their emotions, etc. It’s not easy but that doesn’t stop the opinions from rolling in. When you read this post I hope that it helps ease some of what you may have been feeling as a parent. I also hope that it opens your eyes to other things. The opinions will never stop but what matters is you feeling confident in your decisions when it comes to your children.

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KhyYe · 13 October 2021

OMG! Thank you so much for your kind words Angel.

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Angel · 30 September 2021

I am not a parent myself but from this incredibly honest post, I can really see the various challenges parents face on a daily challenge, such as the judgements from others if parenting styles differ. You know your children better than anyone else and from this post alone I can tell that youre an amazing parent

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