An honest and intimate reflection of my body with Endometriosis

27 August 2021

I was especially inspired by the BodyForm campaign that they did around #PainStories, sharing what Endometriosis pain feels like . They have a number of intimate questions on their website that you can answer and share with them. And so I wanted to be brave and share my own answers. This is something that came truly from my heart and shares exactly how I have felt and how I now do feel about my body, living with Endometriosis!

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I’m Abbie, the owner of Cheerfully Live, a positive and uplifting platform where I speak about the ups and downs of chronic illness, sharing the real and celebrating the small wins in life!


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Angel · 28 August 2021

This post is so amazing for awareness of endometriosis. So important to speak about important topics like this and youre an incredible ambassador for it❤️

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