And we lived happily ever after… separately

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29 September 2021

Not many of my followers will know that by the age of 29, I had been married.... and divorced. Now I'm in a totally different place in my life, it's not something I choose to dwell on, but it's also something I'm not ashamed to talk about.

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I’m a Midlands based award winning, and published blogger. Forever a work in progress, I’m a marketing and communications professional by day, and lover of all things leopard print, beauty and fashion by night. As a young divorcee, a step mom, a fur mama, and someone who has suffered with poor mental health, my blogs are a mixture of all the above and everything in between.


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Angel · 30 September 2021

This is such a beautifully honest post. I am glad to see at the end that you have found your happiness❤️

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