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28 August 2021

I haven’t posted on my blog since 3rd May 2020 and whilst that may not seem like a long time, I used to pride myself on consistency. I’ve always treated my blog as my ‘baby’ and whilst I haven’t felt like I’ve neglected it, the truth is that I needed a break. I haven’t felt creative or inspired for the longest and as I sit here on a Sunday afternoon writing this post, I still feel the same. But I have a commitment to myself to be consistent, and this post may seem a little lacklustre but honesty is key, right?

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My name is Char and I am London-based travel blogger specialising in affordable luxury, solo travel and a sprinkle of beauty. Essentially this is my little space on the internet I’ve used to document my travel, my memoirs and my musings, hence the name – Memoirs and Musings.


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