Benefits of Journaling

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09 November 2021

Dear Diary… just writing that makes me want to cringe! Many of us had a journal or diary as a kid and would pour our little hearts onto the pages of our “keep secret” notebook. But, we get older and grow out of that “childish” activity, right? Well the real question is why did we […]

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Hi, I'm Nevaeh! I'm 17 years old and am in my last semester of high school. I started VaeMae back in January of 2020. Since then I've learned that my love of "beauty" goes beyond just the outward appearance. Beauty is about doing the things that make you feel your best self. There is also so much beauty in appreciating life and having fun. I'm so glad your here for the journey!


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EloraCanne · 12 November 2021

Ive had an on and off relationship with journaling for a long time but have recently picked it up again in the last month and write almost daily. The fact that it helps improve our immune system is incredible! Thanks for the great info.

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