Can we fake it till we make it?

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18 October 2021

Recently on my LinkedIn I touched upon confidence and how deceptive confidence is, and the last couple of weeks have only further developed my confusion. Sometimes, it feels like our brains undermine our capabilities. Why do we second guess ourselves? Underestimating helps no one, and it certainly doesn’t help ourselves. Perhaps it stems from my anxiety (and with mental health day having been last weekend, this had me thinking about this more), but equally it seems to be such a common trait in the everyday person to experience self doubt on some level most days. After asking google, it appears that self doubt stems from insecurity and lacking self confidence in our own choices. But a lot of the time, in real life situations, our confidence shouldn’t even be considered. If we are skilled at something, why would we second guess that we aren’t?

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Hi, I’m Abi and I am 22. I am a freelance copywriter/blogger by trade but a lifestyle blogger by passion. I use my lifestyle blog to share my adventures, recent reads, my eco-friendly attempts, my inner thoughts and feelings, and well just about anything I feel like ranting about! I use this space to share all of it.


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