Convos on the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition

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15 September 2021

I love art. I can’t say I’m full on art enthusiast and know all the different artists and their techniques. I still get a bit baffled by all the history, various art movements and different periods of art...But what I can say is that I fully appreciate art 🎨 When I heard about the Van Gogh Alive exhibition taking place in London, I was intrigued. I was intrigued because it was said to be immersive and multi-sensory, and I love going for new and unique experiences! In this blog post, I share my thoughts on the exhibition and give a little background on Vincent Van Gogh. I even share some of his famous quotes, which are lovely and full of meaning!

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Angel · 16 September 2021

I had no idea how poetic Vincent was! Adore the quote about normality being a paved path… this is definitely going on my places to visit list🙌🏽

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