Dear Little Sis Part 5: Popularity - A Lonely Spotlight

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25 August 2021

Here's the thing, we all in some way, shape, or form want to be popular. Especially in middle school and high school. Maybe not to the extent that you're apart of the "it" group, but in some way, all of us want to be recognized by others. But the thing with popularity is that it's a lonely spotlight. Join us this week as we learn the truth about popularity in high school and how to find true healing and real joy.

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Hey there, I’m Genesis! I’m 20 years old, am obsessed with coffee, and love to blog about Jesus while encouraging and empowering young women to believe that they are not just enough, but rather Worthwhile. Follow me on my Instagram for more behind the scenes of my life as a blogger.


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theworthwhileblog · 26 August 2021

Thank you so much, love! That means so much!

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Angel · 26 August 2021

This is such an interesting concept! Nothing is worth losing yourself over, love how youve written this post ❤️

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