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29 October 2021

Sometimes, I like to expand my audience and go beyond blogging and into feature writing.his week, one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever written got published by The Everyday Magazine. The piece is titled; Life Lessons From Climbing: How Climbing teaches us patience and simply just giving it a go. As I’m sure many of my regular readers know, I’m a big fan of climbing and sadly don’t get to go as often as I’d like too — saying that I did go bouldering this week (YIPPEEE — it was great!). So when I was self isolating, I lived and breathed the climbing’s first debut to the Olympics. I’ve always found climbing great for my mental health, but watching these athletes made me realise how universally the sport can help us. It teaches us patience, giving it a go, and taking a step back which are amazing lessons to apply to everyday life.

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Hi, I’m Abi and I am 22. I am a freelance copywriter/blogger by trade but a lifestyle blogger by passion. I use my lifestyle blog to share my adventures, recent reads, my eco-friendly attempts, my inner thoughts and feelings, and well just about anything I feel like ranting about! I use this space to share all of it.


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