How Talking Helped Me

29 August 2021

In many of my posts, I have said that talking about how you are feeling can help you, can save you. I say it not because I have read it somewhere or heard someone say it. I say it because I have a first hand experience with how it feels. I know exactly the difference between not venting out and venting out, first hand.

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Hello! I am Jane I am a teenager, I love writing and helping people. For the past few years, I had been struggling with anxiety and self esteem issues but I have managed to overcome them. This is the place where I’d like to share everything that changed my perception of me and my life. Everything that helped me love myself.


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JaneWood · 30 August 2021

Thank you for reading! This post is a very close one to my heart and one of the most defining moments of my writing journey!

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Angel · 29 August 2021

The vulnerability in this post is so admirable. So many people will relate to this! There’s so many benefits to speaking about how you feel✨

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