How To Become Your Own Muse

22 August 2021

I don't know about you but I am always looking for new ways to feel inspired. I'm constantly seeking out signs that remind me its okay to embrace the truest version of myself and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I think its why so many of us tend to gravitate towards trends like 'Hot Girl Summer', 'Becoming That Girl' and 'Main Character Energy', many of which I've written about on my blog. In a world of carbon copy faces and bodies where everyone seems to look and dress the same, sometimes we just need a reminder to be ourselves...

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Hey I'm Lydia! The It-Girl Diaries is a self-development, wellness and lifestyle blog inspiring you to discover your inner It-Girl and level up your everyday life ✨ For however long you stick around, I hope you feel inspired to start your own self discovery journey and to create a life you love. I strongly believe your dream life starts whenever you decide so here's to the start of something new...


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Angel · 22 August 2021

Added this to my bookshelf! You’ve got such an amazing writing style, love every single one of these points you’ve made💜

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