How to increase your productivity with the two-minute rule

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15 September 2021

Looking for a tip to help you fight procrastination and increase your productivity? Well, the two-minute rule will help you do both of those things. Click to read all about it!

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KhyYe · 18 September 2021

I really enjoyed your post, literally, every detail. Until reading this I didnt realize that I have already been using the two-minute rule every single day. I use it for similar things as you like emptying the trash cans and the dishwasher and have found that if time is on my side at that moment that I can sometimes complete more than I expected to and walk away happy with a clean space. Other times Im simply glad I took the two minutes to pick up the soap bottle and mouthwash that were accidentally knocked down. Again, great post this made me want to be more mindful now when using the two minute rule.

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