How to Repurpose Blog Content

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25 August 2021

Repurposing is a blogger’s secret weapon. Especially if you’ve been blogging for a long time. Think about it: if you write a blog post that’s 1,500 words, full of tips, encouragement, inspiration … that’s a lot of content sitting right there. It would be wasteful to keep it in just one form, on one platform. The trouble comes, however, when you start to look at repurposing your content. Which parts of your blog posts should you pull out front and centre? What images should you use? Where do you even put all your repurposed content? Let’s take a look!

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Kia ora! I'm Anjali, a New Zealander blogger with a love for books, travel, creative projects and sharing my 10+ years of blogging with others. In 2008 a friend suggested I start a blog, and the rest, as they say, is history. Books, travel, and creative projects are some of my favourite things to talk about on This Splendid Shambles, as well as providing resources, guides, and top tips for blogging (whether you’ve just started or you've been in the blogging world a while). Throw all those things together and you have this mishmash of topics and posts to keep you entertained, encouraged and inspired. I welcome you to join me as I venture through this splendid shambles I call life.


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ZainabChats · 25 August 2021

Such a cool idea! Yes I try to use Instagram too! Sometimes I even repurpose back onto my blog if I feel like a post could be improved from a few months ago!

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Angel · 25 August 2021

Such a great idea to repurpose content, especially if its taken a long time to produce and your audience has enjoyed it😊

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