Is Your Mental Health Getting Cluttered? It's Time To Clean It Out!

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20 March 2022

Now that it's starting to get warmer in Arizona, that means it's the springtime. And springtime means spring cleaning. I don't know where you stand on this, but I personally love to get rid of and declutter stuff. I feel as if it's important to make room for new things in our lives. To freshen up our rooms, houses and so on. But while spring cleaning is important for our homes, the same thing needs to be done with our minds. So often we can give far too much attention to our outward health and neglect our internal and mental health. We have so much negativity, and downcast thoughts and beliefs in our minds, and this needs to be the year we clean them out!

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Hey there, I’m Genesis! I’m 20 years old, am obsessed with coffee, and love to blog about Jesus while encouraging and empowering young women to believe that they are not just enough, but rather Worthwhile. Follow me on my Instagram for more behind the scenes of my life as a blogger.


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