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22 August 2021

Fun fact about me: I spent a year in Brussels as part of my Erasmus year, and it was one of the best years of my life! In this post, I share with you my five favourite spots in the BXL (a.k.a. Brussels). If you're thinking about studying abroad, have a read of my posts in the "La vie Bruxelloise" category (translation: 'Life in Brussels')

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Coucou! My name is Elda and I’m the face behind The Lifestyle-ish Blog, my little space on the Internet which I first started in 2018.✨ What started off as a “student abroad” blog slowly started to incorporate a bit of everything – discussions on social events, my travel experiences, the joys of speaking another language, self-love – essentially, a lifestyle blog. Well, ish! 😉 I hope my posts encourage and inspire you to live and laugh a little ❤️


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Angel · 22 August 2021

Would love to visit Brussels, I’ve heard such amazing things about it🤩

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