My Podcast Launch!

29 August 2021

This has been a long overdue post but I wanted to make sure to officially make a post about my podcast launch! Yup, that is right I have a podcast! It is called Brianna’s Bandwagon: The Podcast. (So original am I right?) Anyway, I plan on using it to dive deeper into the millions of...

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I am a blogger, YouTuber, content creator, and podcast host. I am also a part of the Teen Boss Babes social media team where I write the captions for their posts In addition, I am also a part of the BlogXplore team. I am a graphic designer for their Instagram account and community manager at SimplyCreative.Co I also have multiple complex medical connditions and am a chronic illness and disability advocate!


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Angel · 29 August 2021

This is amazing, really looking forward to giving this a listen! Love how youve also said how you got started, extremely helpful for others looking to start their own podcast✨

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