No More Unhealthy Boundaries: Boundary Setting 101

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18 September 2021

Have you ever found yourself feeling overly exhausted or drained in relationships? I mean any kind of relationship; platonic, romantic, familial, professional...all the kinds? Maybe you don't have nay boundaries set or the boundaries that you do have are weak or unhealthy? In this post I give you a formula to make boundary setting a bit easier for you regardless of relationship type.

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My name is Michaela Necol, the owner of The Funky Eclectic, a blog that aims to assist women of color in becoming their most authentic self. It is in this state of being that I believe self love, personal development, and joy are easily achieved. Here is where real change is made. On The Funky Eclectic you will find content that is inspiring, educational, and fun. I hope that you find value here! đź’–


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Angel · 19 September 2021

Incredible post! I think its easy to assume boundaries are just in romantic relationships, but I love how youve said about other relationships we have, such as professional and personal friendships✨

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