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11 October 2021

Might be a little late in posting this blog, considering Will and I took our weekend break to a beautiful Air Bnb in Knotty Green just over 2 weeks ago now. In my defence, I’ve only just got round to looking at all of the pictures we took to see if they are any good… thankfully, I have a few to share. Just in case you weren’t aware of my new hobby of photography, I’m a beginner trying very hard to get better with the help of my A Year with my camera Workbook. Will also loves getting creative behind the camera so we both really enjoy going for walks together and taking creative shots– annoyingly I think Will is much better than I am. I’ll attempt to correctly label each image with the ‘photographer’ on images that were taken on my Nikon D5600. So this blog consists of us doing just that, walking and photography in Bucks.

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Hi, I’m Abi and I am 22. I am a freelance copywriter/blogger by trade but a lifestyle blogger by passion. I use my lifestyle blog to share my adventures, recent reads, my eco-friendly attempts, my inner thoughts and feelings, and well just about anything I feel like ranting about! I use this space to share all of it.


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