Self-Care Tips For Overthinkers

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30 August 2021

As overthinkers, it's so hard for us to deal with the stress that so easily comes with our overactive minds. It can be so hard to stop our minds from wandering, that the word "self-care" sounds foreign as it's shoved to the back of our scrambled minds. Well, from one overthinker to the next, I've got you covered. Keep reading friend, because this week we'll be going over some helpful tips I am working on learning myself when it comes to taking care of myself when overthinking.

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Hey there, I’m Genesis! I’m 20 years old, am obsessed with coffee, and love to blog about Jesus while encouraging and empowering young women to believe that they are not just enough, but rather Worthwhile. Follow me on my Instagram for more behind the scenes of my life as a blogger.


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theworthwhileblog · 01 September 2021

Im so glad! You should really take it up! It has helped me so much in my mental health journey. We have a pink marble on in our shop if you ever are in need of one. ;)

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Angel · 31 August 2021

Really loved this post! Heard so many positive things about journalling, I think I need to make time for it!x

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