Sightseeing In Oxford - My Top 4

15 September 2021

Oxford is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in the UK to date: its beautiful Gothic and Baroque architecture are the star of the show for me, but there’s plenty of greenery in the surrounding areas, as well as some stunning landmarks. If you’re looking to stay in Oxford, or even just go for a day trip (I seriously recommend it), read on for my top 4 sights.

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Hi! My name's Monica and I'm a life and travel blogger from London. What you'll find in my space is really a mix of everything, but mainly lifestyle and travel content. My interests also range into things like sports and current topical issues, so you'll definitely find me writing about a whole range of things. I created my space to explore my love of writing further, but also with the hopes that everyone who reads my posts leave feeling inspired, entertained, and maybe even educated. If you think of my blog as a go-to for inspiration whenever you need it, I've achieved my goal!


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Angel · 16 September 2021

Fab post! Your blog is definitely a go-to for me for any travel content🤩 would love to visit Blenheim Palace, it looks beautiful x

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