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29 September 2021

.... But words do hurt you. In my previous post about my journey with depression , I mentioned how destructive strangers judging me on Facebook was to my mental health. Social media is such a huge part of our day to day lives it's easy to forget that we are actually still all human beings, with real feelings. Emojis and memes mask our true feelings or reactions to things, dehumanising the faces we see on our friends lists.

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I’m a Midlands based award winning, and published blogger. Forever a work in progress, I’m a marketing and communications professional by day, and lover of all things leopard print, beauty and fashion by night. As a young divorcee, a step mom, a fur mama, and someone who has suffered with poor mental health, my blogs are a mixture of all the above and everything in between.


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KhyYe · 30 September 2021

This line right here, We have ALL done things we shouldnt, we have all made mistakes, we have all done something silly, weve all hurt someone at some point in our lives, so how can we judge others? I cant even begin to tell you how many times Ive said this. Its horrible that you couldnt share your experiences without peoples nasty comments and those same comments made you feel a type of way. I do understand it though because if Im honest I have deleted and recreated so many accounts to get away from negative people. I will literally screenshot the person so that I can block them from my new page. It sucks that things have to be this way but a lot of people dont have a care in the world let alone a heart unless its dealing with something theyre personally going through. Im glad that you blog because its a great outlet and I hope that you heal from those comments and know that those people dont know your story so they could never understand

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