Surviving Being Bedbound - Top Tips for Chronic Illness

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02 October 2021

I have now been bed-bound for over 8 months, and when I say bed-bound I mean the only times I have left my bed are to use the bathroom, to go to hospital, and the few minutes where my mum changes the bed linen. As a chronically ill and disabled person, this is something I’ve experienced before but to a much shorter extent (no more than a couple of weeks). So, I took to the internet in the search for tips for being bed-bound, and I came back with na-da! So if you’re currently bed-bound, here are the top tips I’ve learned in the past 8 months.

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Al (she/her) Disabled & Chronically Ill Creator, Writer, Advocate


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workingmywayaroundtheworld · 02 October 2021

What an honest post! Im sure these tips will help other bed-bound individuals to make their experience more comfortable)

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