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16 September 2021

My whole system of existing loudly is this; we are here, on this earth. We occupy space, and we matter. So why go through our lives one mundane task after the other? Why never take any risks? When we determine to exist loudly, we make a promise to ourselves to feel alive, to seek the things that make our hearts happy, to squeeze every bit of life from everything. That starts by romanticising your life. And all this means is to make the ordinary parts of your life feel special in a way that brings you joy.

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Sophie · 21 September 2021

What a wonderful post. This resonated with me so so much especially where you say Because I promise you this, life is going to be difficult, it already is. There are going to be dark times, and we can’t always wait for a reason to be happy, a reason to celebrate. That’s why we make our lives special to us, why we romanticise it because we have to find little pockets of joy wherever we can. We are led to believe from a small age that life will be rainbows and flowers, but its not - its a constant struggle, but there is beauty to be found as you so beautifully illustrated! Thank you! xx

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Angel · 16 September 2021

This was such a lovely guest post. Another really interesting concept and something I will be more mindful towards✨

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