The Best Way To Use Google Sheets For Blogging (or Excel!)

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24 August 2021

Did you know you can also use Google Sheets for blogging? This was the best thing I started doing for my blog. Hands down. Before I figured out that I could be using Google Sheets for blogging, I was scribbling on pieces of paper, had a thousand notebooks on the go (okay, not a thousand, but several!), PostIt notes were stuck to every surface and everything was a complete mess. Now everything is organised. It’s colour coded, it has tick boxes, and pages are sorted into my most used sections. It has structure. By this point you may still be wondering how I use Google Sheets for blogging … and I’ll tell you: blog planning. So simple, and get it took me a long time to transition to a digital planner. But now that I have, everything is much easier, much faster, and much more satisfying. In this post, I’m going to show you how I do it (and if you stay till the end, there’s a sneaky discount code to get your hands on your very own Google Sheets planner!), and the benefit of some of the Google Sheets features.

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