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03 September 2021

Before you groan and scroll, this isn’t another self-care menu which claims to solve your problems with a face mask. Instead today’s post teaches you self care which targets the mind, body, and soul to improve all areas of your life. From saying no to the events you don’t want to attend to letting go of things that aren’t in your control. We cover it all…

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Isn’t she a Betty is a blog aspiring to provide a safe space to encourage all women short and small, size 6 or 20 to love what they wear, what they do, and who they are. Our articles answer all the questions that are too uncomfortable to ask mum; from awkward dates to labia hate, no topic is off limits


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Isntsheabettyblog · 18 September 2021

No thank you! I’m glad this blog could help you 🥰

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TheFunkyEclectic · 18 September 2021

This was a much needed reminder. I need to work on not apologizingfeeling bad for not wanting to do things or for not being in the proper head space to do something someone else wants me to. AND FEELING LIKE YOU HAVE TO EARN SLEEP IS REAAAALLLLL!! That section alone!!!!!!! Just THANK YOU! 💖

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