The Thing with Book to Movie Adaptations

29 August 2021

Imagine this. You read a great book and it is now one of your favourites. Once you’re done with it, you looked it up. You find that there’s a movie(or TV show, just assume I said TV show even if I don’t say it explicitly here on out) based on it and excitedly you clear your schedule and decide to watch it. Things can only go two ways from here.

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Hi, I am Arushi, a young adult who is trying to become the best kind of adult, one day at a time. Over on my blog you'll find posts about my myriad interests: books, movies, TV Shows, travel and even mythology! I am also often grappling with the highs and lows of adulthood and the idea of “growing up”. (And you’re welcome to join me on my (mis)adventures!)


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MusingsOfAWhimsicalSoul · 29 August 2021

Thanks Angel! For me it really can go either way; sometimes the movie is so fantastically adapted, it cant possibly get better than that. Other times, books are obviously far superior. (Like in Harry Potter,which I love a lot but the movies miss out on SO much of the book experience!)

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Angel · 29 August 2021

This is such an interesting post! I know you said Harry Potter is the best example of book to movie but what version do you prefer?😊

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