The Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting University

22 September 2021

Starting university can normally lead to one of three things: excitement; fear; or a bit of both. For me, it was definitely the third. I had no idea what to expect on this new journey, and it didn’t help that I wasn’t the most confident person. You almost want to watch a trailer of your university experience to see what you can expect, but as that’s not possible, I’m rounding up just a few of the things I wish I knew before starting university, based off of my own experience.

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EllieMaySibley · 02 October 2021

Love this!!! Definitely taking some of these words with me on my year abroad, Ive grown a lot in my first two years of uni, but still need to try and put myself out there a bit more!!!

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OriginalTeenMuslimah · 28 September 2021

Wow, this was really insightful. Im supposed to go to Uni next year, and this was really interesting to read. Ive definitely found this useful.

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workingmywayaroundtheworld · 28 September 2021

I think a lot of us would uni another crack if we could, Id definitely attempt to be more social and get out of my comfort zone more!

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Angel · 22 September 2021

Amazing post! Definitely agree with your point on the more you put in, the more you get out. Definitely keeping this in mind when I head back for final year👩🏽‍🎓

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