Twenty and failing, says who?

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25 August 2021

We are all guilty of scanning our social media and clinging on the wins of others that we ourselves haven't achieved yet. But, why should that mean we have failed in comparison? Read on to find out...

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Hey, My name is Amy and I'm a 22 year old from the UK who runs a blog called My Honest Mentality. I started My Honest Mentality back in 2016 as a place to vent but it soon became a space where I wanted people to feel, heard and validated. I often write about mental health, lifestyle and even sometimes my love life! I overshare with the internet in a hope that someone out there can relate so lets get talking candidly!


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Angel · 25 August 2021

Absolutely loved this post! Saved in my bookshelf to keep coming back to. I think social media has a large part to play in why we think were failing. I couldnt agree more with this post, the unknown shouldnt be scary!x

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