Why go freelance?

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29 October 2021

Graduating when I did (woooo pandemic grad of the class of 2020), played a huge part into this decision. When it took months to even get a supermarket job, I used my spare time to write pieces for independent magazines, charities, and then I got an internship with the University of Plymouth’s iMayflower scheme which taught me how to work in a freelance capacity professionally. I knew about freelancing but didn’t understand how to do it. But the internship showed me it’s actually quite simple and the only things I really needed to know that I didn’t was how to invoice. After my internship I found a few one off paid jobs, and then got my first long-term client who I still work with now. Going freelance gave me the capacity to create my own work at a time where the unemployment rates had sky-rocketed.

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Hi, I’m Abi and I am 22. I am a freelance copywriter/blogger by trade but a lifestyle blogger by passion. I use my lifestyle blog to share my adventures, recent reads, my eco-friendly attempts, my inner thoughts and feelings, and well just about anything I feel like ranting about! I use this space to share all of it.


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