Why is being in my 20's so confusing?

30 August 2021

I’m constantly conflicted with these overbearing ideas that I should be working hard for the sake of my future, but also having fun whilst I’m young. I agree that I want and should do things now so that I can live the life I want, but the pressures are all rather conflicting and confusing — I’m still just trying to find my feet as an adult and I don’t really know what I fully want…

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Hi, I’m Abi and I am 22. I am a freelance copywriter/blogger by trade but a lifestyle blogger by passion. I use my lifestyle blog to share my adventures, recent reads, my eco-friendly attempts, my inner thoughts and feelings, and well just about anything I feel like ranting about! I use this space to share all of it.


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Angel · 30 August 2021

This is such a relatable post! Definitely agree with there being certain societal pressures around careers and having it all together✨

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